The products of Shanghai micro powder technology are widely used in various industries of modern industry, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, papermaking, ceramics, plastics, composite materials, rubber and coatings.

Service guarantee

Scope Of Services

Six service guarantees make you worry free after sales

  • Set up customer file database
  • Installation guidance at home and abroad
  • Technical personnel training guidance
  • Lifetime warranty product tracking service for one year
  • Reminder of service life of vulnerable parts
  • Door to door service, parts demand, technical support

Project Site

From the initial consultation to the scheme design, site visit, and then to the later preparation and delivery, after-sales complaint feedback, etc., Shibang industry has built a perfect system to effectively guarantee the timely and quick transmission of information, and ensure that the right people provide our company with more professional services and technical support at the right time.