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PC Hammer Crusher

Output Size: 5-20 mm

Feed size: <350 mm

Capacity: 5-30 t/h

Application: Almost all minerals, such as quartz, feldspar, mica, calcite, gypsum, fluorite, limestone, soil, clay, marble, granite, pebble, coal, slag, iron ore, copper ore, manganeseore, refractory material, glass, etc.

Brief Introduction of PC Hammer Crusher:

PC hammer crusher is a kind of industrial machinery, the principle is to crush the material by the collision of the high-speed rotating hammer body and the material.

It has the characteristics of a simple structure, a large crushing ratio, and high production efficiency. It can be crushed in dry and wet forms.

It is suitable for mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, highway, combustion, and other departments to finely crush medium-hard and brittle materials.

Applications of PC Hammer Crusher:

The hammer crusher is used to crush various medium-hard and weakly abrasive materials. The compressive strength of the material does not exceed 100MPa, and the moisture content is less than 15%. Such as coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, bricks, limestone, shale, etc.

It can also be used to crush wood, paper, or crushed asbestos cement with a strong fiber structure, elasticity, and toughness to recycle asbestos fibers.

In addition, the hammer crusher can not only be used in crushing production lines, sand production lines, but also in the beneficiation production line instead of cone crushers.

Features of PC hammer crusher:

PC Hammer Crusher

The working hammer is cast with a new technology, which is wear-resistant and impact-resistant.

The required granularity can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

The structure of the machine body is sealed, which solves the problems of dust pollution and ash leakage of the machine body in the crushing workshop.

The overall design has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, few wearing parts, and convenient maintenance. It is an upgraded product.

Structure of PC hammer crusher:

PC hammer crusher is mainly composed of frame, rotor, supporting iron, and grate.

The frame is divided into upper and lower parts, which are welded after cutting steel plates. The frame lining is made of high manganese steel, which can be replaced after wear.

The rotor is composed of the main shaft, a turntable, a pin, and a hammer, and the turntable, a pin, and a hammer are regularly combined in the main shaft. The motor drives the rotor to rotate rapidly in the crushing cavity, and the hammer spreads outward under the centrifugal force of the rotor rotation.

Working Principle of PC hammer crusher:

The bulk material entering the crusher through the feed port is hammered, impacted, cut, and ground into small sizes at high speed.

After crushing, the qualified materials are screened out from the gap of the grate, and the unqualified materials are left in the crushing cavity for further hammering and grinding until they reach the standard particle size.

The size of the final product can be adjusted by replacing the furnace bar. The gap between the rotor and the grate can also be adjusted according to different requirements.

Specifications of PC hammer crusher:

Rotor diameter /mm400600800
Rotor length /mm300400600
Rotor speed r/min11001000900
Max. feeding size /mm<100<220<350
Ouput size /mm5-105-155-20
Capacity  T/h5-1310-2018-30
Motor power /KW1118.545
Number of hammer /piece162028
Weight  /T0.81.82.8
Overall dimension  L*W*H/mm900*670*8601200*1050*12002360*1490*1415
Note: This specification is just referencing, any changes are subject to the products.

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1. How does a hammer crusher work?

The hammer crusher mainly relies on impact to crush materials. The crushing process is rough as follows:
The material enters the crusher and is crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer. The crushed material obtains kinetic energy from the hammerhead and rushes to the baffle and screen in the frame at high speed.
At the same time, the materials collided with each other and were broken several times. Materials smaller than the gap between the screen bars are discharged from the gap. Larger materials are crushed again by the impact, grinding, and squeezing of the hammer on the screen.

2. What is a crusher used for?

The hammer crusher is used to crush various materials with medium hardness and weak abrasiveness. It is also used for shredded wood and paper with strong fiber structure, elasticity, and toughness. It can also be used to crush asbestos cement waste.

3. What payment methods can we accept?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, CPT, DDU, Express Delivery
Accepted Payment Currency: USD
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Western Union

Operation & Maintenance of PC hammer crusher:

The hammer crusher is a high-speed rotating crushing machine. In order to ensure its normal operation, the operator must operate in strict accordance with the regulations and do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment.

How to operate and check the PC hammer crusher?

(1) Before starting and stopping, get in touch with the upper and lower procedures related to the machine, and perform correct operations in the order of starting and stopping.

(2) To start the truck empty, pay attention to the material in the crushing cavity before stopping the machine.

(3) Regularly check all the anchor bolts and liner bolts of the equipment for any looseness. If they are loose, they should be tightened in time.

(4) Frequently check the use of easily wearable parts such as hammerheads and liners. If any problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.

(5) Always check the lubrication situation and keep the lubrication system in good condition. The temperature of the rotor bearing should be kept below 60 °C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 °C. If over-temperature is found, the cause should be found out and measures should be taken to eliminate it in time.

(6) Keep the feed evenly, and pay attention not to feed metal debris.

(7) Pay attention to check whether the discharge particle size meets the quality requirements. If not, replace the grate bar or adjust the height of the grate bar bracket.

Safety precautions

(1) If the equipment has an emergency failure during operation, it can be stopped first. Do not drive forcibly until the fault is eliminated.

(2) If electrical equipment fails, electrical personnel should be responsible for handling.

(3) When you need to enter the internal inspection of the machine, you must first pull out the power switch and hang up a sign for maintenance. Before the inspection, the materials in the upper part of the machine should be cleaned to prevent falling and hurting people. Before the test is completed, the upper cover must be covered and the bolts must be tightened.

(4) All safety devices must be complete and firm. When the contact signal and communication equipment fail, the crusher cannot be started.

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Product Specifications

Model: PC400x300, PC600x400, PC800x600

Payment methods:

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, CPT, DDU, Express Delivery
Accepted Payment Currency: USD
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Western Union

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