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2024 Pakistan Coating Show came to a successful conclusion, with the CLUM series of ultra-fine vertical mills becoming the biggest highlight

06/03/2024 admin

The 2024 Pakistan Coating Show came to a successful conclusion recently. The three-day exhibition attracted chemical industry professionals from all over the world to discuss the development trends and latest technologies of the chemical industry. As one of the exhibitors, we have achieved great results at this exhibition. We not only had in-depth exchanges with many new and old customers, but also gained a large number of interested customers.

Online and offline, discuss cooperation

During the exhibition, we had face-to-face communication with many customers who communicated online, which further enhanced mutual understanding and trust. At the same time, we also met many old customers with whom we have cooperated for many years, and we were deeply touched by their continued support and trust in us.

In communicating with customers, we learned that many customers have the need to expand production, and our CLUM series ultra-fine vertical mill has become their first choice due to its advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.

CLUM series ultra-fine vertical mill becomes the biggest highlight

At this exhibition, we focused on launching the CLUM series of ultra-fine vertical roller mills. This series of products adopts advanced technology and design, has the characteristics of high output, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and environmental protection, and has attracted the attention and favor of many customers.

During the exhibition, we arranged professional sales representatives to explain the technical features and application cases of CLUM vertical roller mills on site. There was an endless stream of customers coming to inquire, and the small booth was crowded. Many customers praised the performance of CLUM vertical mills and made arrangements with our sales representatives to meet after the exhibition to further discuss cooperation intentions. There are also customers who signed purchase contracts with us on site.

CLUM series of ultra-fine vertical mills, leading the new trend in the industry

CLUM series ultra-fine vertical mill is the latest flagship product developed by our company. This product has the following advantages:

Ultra-fine crushing: Using advanced crushing technology, materials can be crushed to the micron level or even the nanometer level.
High efficiency and energy saving: low unit energy consumption, high output, more than 30% energy saving than traditional grinding mill.
Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: It adopts a closed design with low dust emissions and meets environmental protection requirements.

Looking to the future

The successful holding of Pakistan Coatings Exhibition 2024 has laid a good foundation for us to expand the Pakistani market. We will continue to be committed to R&D and innovation to provide customers with better products and services. We believe that the CLUM series of ultra-fine vertical mills will make greater contributions to the development of the coatings industry. We believe that through our efforts, we will join hands with our customers to create a more brilliant future!

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