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Limestone ultrafine grinding production line customer site

06/12/2023 admin

Recently, the HGM100 ultra-fine mill production line of a customer in Binzhou, Shandong, China has been installed and officially put into production. The production line mainly produces limestone powder of more than 800 mesh. The customer said:”The operation is very stable, the grade of the finished product is quite high, and the actual output is much higher than the estimated production capacity, which helps us achieve better economic benefits. This time The cooperation has built confidence in the SBMmill brand and services, and we look forward to achieving greater success together in the future.”

Production line installation site

Not only does it help customers develop production line plans, SBMmill also provides after-sales installation guidance services to help customers build and improve production lines.

Production line put into operation video

HGM ultra-fine grinding production line integrating conveying, grinding, powder collection, dust removal and other functions

Intelligent frequency conversion control makes the operation status of the production line clear at a glance

Advantages of HGM series ultra-fine grinding production line

Focus on high production capacity and output requirements
(1) PLC intelligent frequency conversion control cabinet is fully controlled, and intelligent frequency regulation ensures continuous 24-hour production.
(2) Wearing parts are forged from special wear-resistant materials, and are designed without rolling bearings and screws to extend the life of wearing parts.

Green, environmentally friendly, low-noise and harmless production
(1) The entire production adopts negative pressure sealing to effectively control dust spillage.
(2) Upgrade and optimize powder selection and powder collection equipment to reduce energy consumption, reduce tailing waste, and move towards harmless production.
(3) The production line is equipped with anechoic chamber as standard to reduce noise pollution.

Finished product quality assurance
(1) After secondary crushing, multi-stage grinding, and air separation powder collection system, the finished product has stable particle size and high particle size cutting accuracy.

SBMmill always integrates the concepts of high efficiency, low consumption and green development throughout the entire production process of the company. It adheres to the concepts of technological innovation and quality orientation, and insists on providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency ultra-fine milling equipment and integrated solutions.

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