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New life for old tires-Carbon black powder mill

17/07/2023 admin

Project Guide

How to match two or even multiple crushing production lines upstream of the industrial chain with one milling production line?

Equipment stability, finished product quality, hourly output, annual capacity Several conditions are indispensable.Come to SBM to find the answer!

A customer from Malaysia ordered the SBM HGM80 series of small ultra-fine mills to achieve the capacity goal of “one production line adapting to two upstream finished product lines”.

SBM teamed up with leading companies in the environmental protection industry in Malaysia to expand the use of finished products in the tire cracking industry chain.

The two parties will create cooperation and jointly deepen the Southeast Asian market.

Old tires
Old tires

1. Refined carbon black is reused to make car tires, fan belts and printer toner.

2. Regenerated carbon black can be refined into nano-scale quality to replace expensive primary carbon black, enabling manufacturers to provide cheaper substitutes and replacement products.

Project story

Getting to know SBM for the first time

2021 is a special period when the epidemic is raging. Malaysia’s domestic leading environmental protection company got in touch with SBM through the introduction of its peers, and expressed its willingness to cooperate in expanding the production of carbon black refined powder.

At that time, there was no offline inspection conditions. Out of the recognition of the SBM brand and the recommendation of the local peers, the two parties subscribed for a HGM80 series ultra-fine mill production line after only a few video conferences. After just 30 days, A brand-new small carbon black production line is delivered with the order.

HGM80 is delivered onsite
HGM80 is delivered onsite

According to the customer’s requirements, the company’s equipment personnel will install the equipment and put it into production. After running for a period of time, the customer communicated with the after-sales team, hoping to increase the existing production capacity to a higher level.

Service continues the quality of SBM

In SBM, the end of the order link between the two parties by no means means the termination of the service link: With rich production experience, the after-sales service team records the situation of each customer to ensure timely response under any circumstances. In daily communication, the after-sales technical team adheres to the service concept of “continuing the entire life cycle of equipment”, and rushes to the production site as soon as the epidemic is over to fully optimize and upgrade the equipment.

Optimization content: Adaptive debugging of data such as equipment parameters, unmanned configuration, and feed fineness.


1. Upgrade and transform the equipment installation.

2. Adjust relevant data parameters.

3. The fan is equipped with a frequency converter, and the intelligent high and low pressure wind works.

Establish a long-term mechanism:

1. Instruct the equipment management personnel of the local company in detail about the operation requirements and the fineness requirements of the material feed.

2. Record the operating conditions, the replacement cycle of wearing parts and other information in detail, and prepare a plan.

Cooperation achieves SBM brand

SBM Group’s HGM80 production line is a small milling production line with a total length of only 15 meters, which can ensure that the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily between 200-2500 mesh, and the content of 2μm is nearly 70%. After optimization and upgrading, while maintaining high-quality output, the production capacity has been further increased by 3-5% compared with the previous one.

In this way, a single HGM80 equipment production line can provide more than 1 ton per hour and an annual output of more than 5,000 tons under the power of the main engine is only 75KW. Compared with other types of mills at the same generator power level, the output has nearly doubled; from the perspective of finished product fineness, energy consumption has been reduced by more than 30%.

The small model grinding mill creates a large production capacity. The client company is very satisfied with the equipment and praised: “The production capacity of this single carbon black grinding production line is enough to adapt to the production capacity of our two tire cracking production lines!”

Carbon black grinding production line
Carbon black grinding production line

At the time when the domestic and international traffic was resumed, the team in charge immediately decided to visit SBM to further explore future cooperation opportunities.

Project information

Production lineHGM80 ultrafine mill production line
Processing materialCarbon black
Finished particle size200-600 mesh
Annual production capacity6600 tons
Equipment configuration1 HGM80 main engine/Carbon black powder mill
1 Powder separator
1 Fan
1 Hammer crusher
1 Bucket elevator
1 Screw feeder
2 Discharge valves
1 Air compressor
1 Pulse dust collector
Finished product useSales of carbon black powder

Equipment process highlights

1.Energy saving and environmental protection:

  1. Negative pressure working system, the whole equipment is sealed;
  2. Gas delivery process, the finished product goes directly into the large finished product warehouse
  3. Avoid dust spillage and ensure a clean production environment.

2. Stable finished product quality:

  1. The residence time in the material mill is short, reducing repeated grinding
  2. Ensure the particle size and chemical composition of the finished product, bringing more Stable product quality.

3. Energy efficient:

  1. Special grinding structure to form an effective and stable material layer;
  2. The vibration of the equipment is small, the product has no pollution, and the whiteness is good;
  3. Compared with similar mills, it can save 30% power consumption.

4. Operational capability:

  1. Reducer assembly: circulating oil lubrication system, circulation water cooling system;
  1. Guarantee the 24-hour uninterrupted production of the production line.

5. The equipment occupies less land and the site planning is convenient:

  1. The production line occupies a small area, saving industrial ground accumulation, reducing investment costs.

6. Design-commissioning-after-sales full-line service:

  1. SBM will provide customers with one-stop service,Save time and effort!
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