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Pulse Bag Filter

Pulse Pressure: 2-4 m/min

Filter Bag Size: φ 130*2000

Dust Collector Efficiency: 99% – 99.5%

Product features: It is not only suitable for collection of various powders, also can be used for dust purification of various crushing and screening equipment.

Brief Introduction

DMC pulse bag filter, designed by us on the basis of absorbing many advantages of the same products, adopts advanced pulse blow technology, which enables the machine completely clear the dust, low resistance. The qualified spare parts ensure the high—efficiency of bag filter.

It also has advantages of full automation, high—efficiency, easy maintenance. It is not only suitable for collection of various powders, also can be used for dust purification of various crushing and screening equipment.

Features & Advantages

◆ High—efficiency. This pulse bag filter can be used to purify dusty gas with particle diameter more than 0.1 m.

◆ Collection efficiency can reach more than 99.5% in general, stable and reliable performance, easy operation.

◆ Strong adaptability. This pulse bag filter can capture various properties of dust, and the collection efficiency isn’t affected by dust or resistance properties.

Working Principle of Pulse Bag Filter

Pulse Bag Filter

Pulse bag filter mainly consists of upper box, middle box, lower box (hopper), dust cleaning system and discharging system.

After the dusty gas gets into the upper box, the flow surface broaden suddenly, part of coarse particles fall down into the hopper by gravity, air flow distribution and inertial force. Fine and low—density dust enter the dust chamber and cling to the surface of the filter bags.

At the same time, PLC controls the startup of pulse valve, compressed air flock into filter bags, which makes filter bags expanded and vibrated, and then the fine powders cling to the surface of filter bags fall down into hopper and discharged on the discharge valve.

At last, filtered clean air will be emitted from the exhaust pipe.

Specification of Pulse Bag Filter


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