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SBM ultra-fine grinding mills are exported to India to help upgrade local industries

10/01/2024 admin

On January 9, 2024, in our ultra-fine grinding mill production factory, the HGM125L ultra-fine grinding mill was being nervously stocked, loaded, and shipped to India. The HGM series of ultra-fine grinding mills produced by our company have been exported to India many times, indicating that China’s ultra-fine grinding mill technology and products have been recognized by the Indian market.

Before shipment, we conduct strict quality inspection to ensure the quality of the product. During the loading process, the workers worked carefully to ensure the safety of the products. At the time of departure, the person in charge of the company stated that they would do their best to provide customers with high-quality products and services to assist their production development.

The HGM125L ultra-fine grinding mill is used to produce high-end ceramic raw materials. India is a major ceramic producer in the world. In recent years, the Indian ceramic industry has developed rapidly and the demand for high-end ceramic raw materials has also been increasing. The HGM series ultra-fine grinding mill has strong competitiveness in the Indian market due to its high output, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

The HGM series ultra-fine grinding mill produced by SBM adopts advanced technology and has the characteristics of ultra-fine, uniform, stable and energy-saving. This model adopts advanced crushing technology, which can crush raw materials into nanometer level, with uniform particle size and high yield. At the same time, this model adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which can effectively reduce production costs.

The export of HGM ultra-fine grinding mills will further promote the internationalization process of our ultra-fine grinding mills and will also help the upgrading of the Indian ceramic industry.

Development status of Indian ceramic industry

India is a major ceramic producer in the world, with output second only to China. In recent years, India’s ceramic industry has developed rapidly, with an annual output value exceeding US$20 billion. The Indian ceramic industry is mainly concentrated in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and other places.

The Indian ceramic industry mainly produces ceramic tiles, porcelain, ceramic sanitary ware and other products. Among them, ceramic tiles are the leading product in the Indian ceramic industry, accounting for more than 70% of the output. Indian ceramic tiles are mainly used in construction, decoration and other fields.

The development of India’s ceramic industry is supported by the government. The Indian government has introduced a series of policies and measures to encourage the development of the ceramic industry. For example, the Indian government provides financial subsidies to ceramic companies to reduce their production costs.

About HGM ultrafine grinding mill

HGM ultrafine grinding mill can be widely used in mineral powder, chemical powder, pharmaceutical powder and other fields. In the field of mineral powders, ultra-fine grinding mills can be used to produce high-end ceramic raw materials, high-performance coating raw materials, advanced building materials raw materials, etc. In the field of chemical powders, ultrafine grinding mills can be used to produce high-purity pharmaceuticals, high-performance chemical materials, etc.

HGM ultra-fine grinding mill has the following advantages:

●High production capacity: HGM ultra-fine grinding mill adopts advanced production equipment and technology, with high production capacity and high efficiency.

●Easy to operate and maintain: intelligent control, fully automatic production, and simple control.

●Energy saving and environmental protection: HGM ultra-fine grinding mill adopts energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology, with low energy consumption and good environmental protection performance. The entire production line adopts full negative pressure production to reduce dust spillage. It can also be equipped with dust collectors and silencers to further ensure a green and pollution-free production environment.

●Affordable price: HGM ultra-fine grinding mills are shipped directly from the factory without middlemen. The price is relatively low and cost-effective.

The export of HGM ultra-fine mills not only promotes the internationalization of China’s manufacturing industry, but also provides advanced technology and equipment to developing countries such as India. With the continuous development of ultra-fine grinding mill technology, the competitiveness of our ultra-fine grinding mills in the international market will be further enhanced.

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