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HGM Series Grinding Mill for Bluestone, Black Stone, White Stone, Red Stone, and Yellow Stone

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SBM Ultrafine Powder Tech’s HGM series grinding mill for bluestone is a mining grinding equipment that can make fine and ultrafine stone powder with more than 150 mesh. It is suitable for processing all kinds of stones such as bluestone, black stone, white stone, red stone, and yellow stone.

HGM Series Grinding Mill for Bluestone, Black Stone, White Stone, Red Stone, and Yellow Stone
HGM Series Grinding Mill for Bluestone, Black Stone, White Stone, Red Stone, and Yellow Stone

What’s bluestone, black stone, white stone, red stone, and yellow stone?

They do not refer to a specific type of stone but are a common name based on the color of the stone. Here are some of the stones they commonly refer to.


This term generally refers to a variety of dense, fine-grained sandstone or basalt that appears blue-gray in color. It is often used in construction and landscaping, particularly for patios, walkways, and buildings. Bluestone is known for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

White Stone

White stone usually refers to the following types of stones:

Marble: A metamorphic rock composed primarily of calcite.

Quartz: A common mineral that can appear in white varieties.

Alabaster: A fine-grained, translucent stone often white in color.

Black Stone

Black stone usually refers to the following types of stones:

Obsidian: A naturally occurring volcanic glass.

Onyx: A variety of chalcedony.

Basalt: A common extrusive igneous rock.

Red Stone

Red stone usually refers to the following types of stones:

Hematite: An iron ore, mainly iron oxide (Fe₂O₃)

Ruby: A red variety of the mineral corundum.

Red Jasper: An opaque, impure variety of silica.

Yellow Stone

Yellow stone usually refers to the following types of stones:

Sulfur: Naturally occurring element often found in yellow crystal form.

Yellow Fluorite: A type of fluorite, composed primarily of calcium fluoride (CaF₂). It is used as a flux in the steel industry, in producing certain glasses and enamels, and as a source of fluorine.

Citrine: A yellow variety of quartz.

HGM Series Grinding Mill For Bluestone, Black stone, white stone, red stone and yellow stone

HGM ultrafine mill

HGM series grinding mill also called HGM ultrafine mill, HGM ultrafine grinding mill, and HGM micro powder grinding mill. It consists of multiple grinding rollers(21/24/28/32 pieces) and multi-layer grinding rings(3/4 layers).

HGM series grinding mill can process a variety of stones with Mohs hardness below 6, such as limestone, dolomite, barite, gypsum, etc. Of course, it also includes bluestone, white stone, black stone, red stone, and yellow stone.

Due to its multi-layer grinding structure design, the mill can process ultra-fine powder efficiently. The maximum fineness can reach 3000 mesh.

You can produce stone powder ranging from 150 mesh to 3000 mesh by adjusting the speed of the classifier.

HGM series grinding mill has 5 models: HGM80, HGM90, HGM100, HGM125, and HGM1680.

Different models can process different outputs, and the larger the model, the greater the output.

Just send us the material you want to process, the output size, and the hourly output and we will send you an instant quote.

What is Mohs hardness and How hard is Mohs hardness 6?

Mohs hardness is graded by measuring the depth of a scratch, with 10 being the highest hardness: diamond, and 1 being the lowest hardness: talc.

Mohs hardness 6 is equivalent to orthoclase.

Mohs Hardness

Why Choose SBM Ultrafine Powder Tech’s HGM Series Grinding Mill?

1. High Efficiency: Under the same conditions, the output of SBM Ultrafine Powder Tech’s HGM Series Grinding Mill is more than 2 times higher than airflow mill, stirring mill, and ball mill, but the energy consumption is 30% lower.

2. Precision and Ultra-Fine Grinding: The mill can make stone powders with particle sizes from 150 to 3000 mesh. This is essential if you have high requirements for precise and uniform powder size.

3. Versatility: You can use HGM mill to grind a wide variety of materials including minerals (bentonite, dolomite, gypsum), non-metallic ores, and other hard and soft materials such as glass, bamboo, coconut shell, eggshell, and so on.

4. Durable Accessories: The accessories of the HGM ultrafine mill are made of special wear-resistant materials, which can greatly extend the service life. For example, its service life can reach 2-5 years when processing calcium carbonate and calcite.

5. Intelligent Control System: You can use the intelligent electric cabinet to precisely control the fineness and output of the production line.

Why Choose SBM Ultrafine Powder Technology Company?

SBM Ultrafine Powder Tech has an experienced, professional, and honest team, dedicated to providing you with 24/7 service, timely solutions to product problems, and fully protecting your interests.

In addition to the HGM series mills introduced above, SBM Ultrafine Powder Tech’s mill equipment also include:

  • Hammer mills suitable for coarse powder production;
  • Cost-effective Raymond mills suitable for fine powder production;
  • CLUM ultrafine vertical mills suitable for high-end ultrafine powders.

Choose SBM Ultrafine Powder Tech grinding mills and you will get an efficient, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly grinding solution.

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