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High-end calcium oxide ultrafine powder making equipment-HGM series 125 model production line

08/11/2023 admin

The HGM125L high-end calcium oxide ultrafine powder grinding production line equipped with SBM micro powder technology has been put into use, bringing customers unexpected high energy efficiency and high profits!

Calcium oxide is mainly used for:
● Sewage treatment: acidic wastewater treatment and sludge conditioning;
● Filler: rubber epoxy adhesive;
● Construction refractory materials;
● Metallurgical flux and desiccant;

● Desulfurization additives for steel plants (a process that desulfurizes finished steel or semi-finished steel produced in steel-making furnaces and adjusts chemical composition and temperature in equipment outside the furnace to further improve the quality and quality of steel.)

Among them, the client company uses additives for the desulfurization process of steel plants and construction refractory materials as its main uses, and puts forward high requirements on the quality and hourly output of the powder.

Background of the project

The customer had already visited multiple local equipment manufacturers before getting in touch with SBM Micro Powder Technology. Due to the special conditions of the epidemic lockdown in 2022 and the high requirements for equipment, the search for suppliers has been forced to slow down. Only then did he turn his attention to other regions in the country, and finally cooperated with Shanghai Shibang Micro Powder Technology Co., Ltd.

As a new customer in a special period, although SBM and the customer were not able to discuss face to face, they showed in the communication: the familiarity with the equipment, the professionalism of the team, the flexibility of the selection plan, and the adaptability of the funding plan all made the customer Great trust has been established in SBM.

As SBM’s first production line in Pingliang, Gansu, it was officially rolled out and assembled in July last year. In the future, it will continue to open up new prospects for both parties to expand regional non-metallic mineral resources.

Cooperation in special times is a big test for both parties. After repeated communications, SBM fully understood the customer’s difficulties and immediately met the customer’s on-site test and inspection needs.

SBM has been deeply involved in high-end powders for more than ten years, and chooses Shanxi, which is closest to its production site, for customers. SBM’s production line of the same series of equipment, which has been in production in Shanxi for many years, provides customers with the conditions for on-site inspections, and optimizes the selection team for individual configurations to communicate progress and needs at any time.

During the special period of the epidemic, the customer immediately decided to order the same series of production lines after inspecting the Shanxi site. “Maintaining the equipment in optimal working condition at all times is the key to ensuring the progress of the project.” The account manager said,”SBM’s equipment can maintain high-quality operation after being put into production for many years, which makes me feel reassured.”

Production line selection

According to the five requirements put forward by customers for production equipment:

1. High production capacity demand.
2. Low energy consumption requirements.
3. The fineness requirement has a wide adjustable range.
4. Able to operate with high quality and stability for a long time.
5. Equipment wear parts have a long service life.

We gave priority to the HGM series ultra-fine grinding mill

1. HGM model series products with an output of 2.5 tons to 20 tons ensure that the material fineness can be adjusted at will from 100 μm to 6 μm.

2. The energy consumption of the production line is only 459kwh. Compared with the same finished product fineness, the energy consumption is reduced by more than 30%.

3. Through the frequency conversion speed regulating device, under the same motor power, the output is nearly doubled compared to that of other ultra-fine grinding mills.

4. Equipped with a grinding chamber without rolling bearings and screws to ensure that the service life of wearing parts is greatly increased.

In addition, SBM adopted a differentiated selection strategy and took into account the difference in fineness of the grinding materials. In the selection production line, the gap width of the impeller of the analyzer was specifically widened and adjusted to further increase equipment output.

Selection production line:HGM-125 ultra-fine grinding mill production line
Processing materials:calcium oxide
Finished product particle size:200-600 mesh
Production line configuration:1HGM-125 host, 1powder separator, 1fan, 1hammer crusher, 1bucket elevator, 1pulse dust collector, 1screw feeder, 2unloaders material valve, 1air compressor, 1silo.
Applications of finished products:desulfurization in steel plants, building materials, etc.

Production Process

The loader transports the crushed ore with a particle size of less than 500 mm to the first-level vibrating feeder, and intelligently adjusts the feeding speed through the variable frequency motor to ensure that large pieces of ore are transported smoothly and evenly to the second-level vibrating feeder.

The ore will then be transported to the first-level jaw crusher to be crushed to less than 150 mm and fall evenly on the bottom belt conveyor. On-site staff are responsible for checking and screening out low-grade ore on the belt to effectively improve the whiteness and grade of the ore. After selection, it enters the secondary hammer crusher again for further fine crushing.

The ore finally enters the bottom vertical elevator, which lifts the material to the top of the silo and then transports it to the feed buffer bin of the grinding production line through the elevator. An electronic safety limit device is installed in the warehouse. The limit device will conduct intelligent full-time safety production monitoring. When the limit alarm occurs, the supply of raw materials needs to be replenished or stopped in time.

Process highlights

Energy saving and environmental protection
Negative pressure working system, the entire equipment is sealed.
Gas conveying process, the finished products go directly into the large finished product warehouse.
Avoid dust spillage and ensure a clean production environment.

The quality of finished products is stable
The residence time of materials in the mill is short, reducing repeated grinding.
Ensure the particle size and chemical composition of the finished product, bringing more stable product quality.

High efficiency and energy saving
Special grinding structure forms an effective and stable material layer.
The equipment has small vibration, the product is pollution-free and has good whiteness.
It saves 30% of electricity consumption compared with similar grinding mills.

All-weather and full-time operation capability
Reducer assembly: circulating oil lubrication system, circulating water cooling system.
Ensure 24-hour uninterrupted production of the production line.

The equipment occupies a small area and facilitates production site planning.
The production line occupies a small area, saving industrial land area and reducing investment costs.

Design – production – full after-sales service
SBM will provide customers with one-stop service, saving time and effort!

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