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China Hubei heavy calcium carbonate HGM100P ultra-fine grinding mill production line

13/11/2023 admin

3000 mesh calcium carbonate powder

As a high-quality inorganic chemical substance, heavy calcium carbonate ultrafine powder has very small particle size, with an average particle size of <1 μm. It is characterized by high whiteness and high purity. It is a very high-quality powder material.

Industrial uses:
1. Ceramic raw material additives;
2. Rubber raw material additives;
3. Coating additives to improve the performance of raw materials in all aspects;

Consumer product uses:
1. Cosmetic additives, increasing gloss, etc.;
2. Pharmaceutical thickening, etc.;

Project details

This customer contracted an ore in Hubei, China. Due to limitations in processing technology, only preliminarily crushed large stones are usually sold to local construction stone companies, causing a huge waste of materials in the process.

The limited use of finished products makes it difficult to expand the added value of products. The person in charge of the company hopes to refine the high-quality ore primary products it reserves, increase the added value of the products while expanding the use of finished products, and link up with companies in the high-end paint market and pipe market around the mine to form a more impressive industrial scale.

Therefore, customers put forward specific requirements for the project
1. Fineness and timely production requirements must improve market adaptability:
There are already a considerable number of sales companies (paint factories, pipe factories, etc.) around the mine, and this part will serve as the main sales channel in the future.
2. Ensure that the fineness range of the equipment is adjustable:
In the future, the use of other materials will need to be expanded, which will put forward new requirements for fineness and output.
3. Ensure high quality and continuous production capacity:
The hourly production requirements and total production requirements of the equipment are relatively large.
4. Plan the existing production site:
Consider the need for new equipment to expand production and improve site utilization.

Taking into account customer needs and production site conditions, SBMmill recommended the HGM100 series ultra-fine mill production line to the customer company, and made personalized adjustments according to specific production needs:
1. Adjust the impeller clearance of the analysis machine:
Under the condition of ensuring fineness, the hourly output is significantly increased.
2. Adjust the type of grinding aid:
Improve the market adaptability of finished products.
3. Replace the reducer in the production line with a 75w dual-motor parallel-pulling transmission configuration:
Effectively control costs and tailor services to meet customer needs.
4. SBM’s service will accompany you throughout the process:
SBMmill is responsible for the entire site re-planning process.

Project information

Production lines:2 HGM-100P ultra-fine mill production lines
Processing materials:heavy calcium carbonate
Finished product particle size:200-1500 mesh
Annual production capacity:80,000-100,000 tons
Equipment configuration:1 HGM100P host, 1 powder separator, 1 fan, 1 hammer crusher, 1 bucket elevator, 1 screw feeder, 2 discharge valves, 1 air compressor , 1 pulse dust collector.
Use of finished products:ceramics, coatings, cosmetic additives, etc.

Production line site

Highlights of the ultra-fine grinding mill production line process

1. The customer purchases two HGM100P series ultra-fine powder production lines. Under the condition of reasonable adjustment of the impeller of the analysis machine, the 200-1500 mesh can be adjusted at will, and the output of a single line with a fineness of 200-325 mesh can reach 9-10 tons.

2. With the addition of a cyclone analyzer, the fineness can reach 2500 mesh. It greatly expands the scope of application downstream of finished products.

3. The high-quality components of the equipment ensure safe and stable production. The design without rolling bearings and screws avoids the problem of damage to the machine after seals and screws become loose.

4. The grinding rollers and grinding rings made of special wear-resistant materials not only improve durability but also provide all-weather operation capabilities.

5. Reasonably transform the existing settings of the site. In compliance with relevant regulations on fire prevention, safety, sanitation, transportation and environmental protection, the equipment is closer to the raw materials and connected with local transportation conditions. Connect off-site access roads and harbors to ensure the timeliness of production and transportation.

Ultrafine grinding mill production line process flow

The loader transports the crushed ore with a particle size of less than 500 mm to the first-level vibrating feeder, and intelligently adjusts the feeding speed through the variable frequency motor to ensure that large pieces of ore are transported smoothly and evenly to the second-level vibrating feeder.

The ore will then be transported to the first-level jaw crusher to be crushed to less than 150 mm and fall evenly on the bottom belt conveyor. On-site staff are responsible for checking and screening out low-grade ore on the belt to effectively improve the whiteness and grade of the ore. After selection, it enters the secondary hammer crusher again for further fine crushing.

The ore finally enters the bottom vertical elevator, which lifts the material to the top of the silo and then transports it to the feed buffer bin of the grinding production line through the elevator. An electronic safety limit device is installed in the warehouse. The limit device will conduct intelligent full-time safety production monitoring. When the limit alarm occurs, the supply of raw materials needs to be replenished or stopped in time.

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