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Maintenance of superfine grinding mill

29/12/2021 admin

During the operation of the ultrafine grinding mill, the pulverizer sometimes encounters some work friction and other effects, which will make the equipment appear in a bad state. This is a signal that maintenance is required, and active countermeasures must be made to enable the equipment to resume normal production. So what matters should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the ultrafine mill?

① In the management of the superfine mill, we must adhere to the principle of maintenance first and maintenance second. Use the equipment correctly according to the requirements, and carry out daily maintenance and maintenance work. Ensure that the ultrafine mill is always running in a normal state, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.

② In the use of ultra-fine mills, due to frequent use in the open air, it may be affected by natural weather and other reasons, which will have a bad impact on production. Equipment degradation does not just refer to a simple production stoppage caused by a malfunction. Equipment in operation that does not reach the normal quality and output is also regarded as equipment deterioration. At this time, we must maintain the equipment to increase the life of the mill.

③ When the superfine mill is maintained, it must be operated in strict accordance with the specifications. According to the maintenance plan of the mill, the equipment is maintained regularly. The service life of the pulverizer is prolonged, and the work efficiency is improved. According to the production requirements of the ultrafine mill, a special person in charge can be set up to manage each equipment pipeline, valve, and instrument.

④ During the operation of the ultrafine grinding mill, it is easy to burn and explode due to high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, it must be maintained and maintained regularly. In this way, the reliability of the equipment can also be strengthened and the production process more stable. Within the company, regular publicity and encouragement activities should also be carried out, and related incentive systems should be established to reward employees who perform well at work, so as to increase their enthusiasm for work.

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There are many precautions for the daily maintenance of superfine mills. Regular maintenance is very beneficial to the work of milling equipment. Only stable equipment can create better value for us.

Matters needing attention before milling machine work:

① Check before starting, such as motor, pneumatic cylinder, feeding area, blast pipe, and other aspects are carefully checked before feeding and grinding.

② The blower in the pulverizer should be turned on without load, and it should be turned on with no load before the main machine of the pulverizer is turned on.

Matters needing attention during the use of the mill:

① During the use of the fine powder mill, a fixed operator with relevant skills shall take care of it.

② Inspection on feeding: Pay attention to check that the feeding amount is stable, uniform, and appropriate. Avoid the occurrence of unsatisfactory operation of the mill, dissatisfaction, or over-saturation of the workload caused by excessive or insufficient feeding amount.

Matters needing attention in terms of materials:

It is necessary to pay attention to whether the humidity of the materials and the particle size of the materials meet the requirements. For materials with too high water content, the fine powder is too viscous, and the feed size is too large, resulting in uneven particle size of the finished product, which will affect the quality and output of the product.

Matters needing attention when adding materials:

Feeding must be carried out in accordance with the prescribed standards, otherwise, the resulting particle size will be uneven, coarse, and fine, which will affect the grinding effect. Matters needing attention after the use of the pulverizer:

① The order of turning off the powder mill: stop feeding first-the host will continue to run for 1-2 minutes-stop the fan motor.

② Regular maintenance: repair and replace the wearing parts of the grinding roller and grinding ring in a certain period of time. Regularly check whether the screws on the main parts of the machine are loose, as well as the use of the V-belt of the mill and whether the lubricating grease is sufficient.

Production maintenance-troubleshooting of problems affecting the production plan of ore milling equipment

There are two possible factors for failure, such as output failure to keep up and finished product fails to meet standards: one is the performance of the equipment itself, and the other is the level of the operator. Generally, there is no quality problem during the test machine, and the quality of the later production milling equipment has a small influence factor, which may be caused by improper operation. For example, the uniform feeding cannot be controlled, the startup and shutdown sequence is wrong, and the opening state of each valve is wrong. For example, poor sealing of the powder locker will result in little or no powder output and low output. Uneven feeding will affect the uniformity of the finished product, and problems such as clogging are prone to occur.

Predictive maintenance

Prevention is all possible problem, but the essence does not necessarily happen, and foreseeing that it will happen has been foreshadowed to varying degrees, but it has not caused serious consequences. It is predicted that based on the information provided by the state monitoring and diagnosis technology of the ore and stone grinding equipment, necessary and appropriate maintenance can be carried out before the failure occurs. Most of the skilled employees can detect potential failures in advance through the sound and the state of the finished product, so as to achieve early prevention and control.

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