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How to grind limestone into powder?

28/12/2021 admin

There are many industrial applications of quicklime, especially in the modern construction industry. The traditional quicklime production process can no longer meet the current requirements for high-quality lime. The ultra fine grinding mill produced by SBM can just meet the modern industry’s need for quality lime.

SBM limestone grinding mill is a new type of intelligent grinding equipment with a special structure design, full thin oil lubrication system, low-resistance curved air duct, etc., based on new grinding technology based on 30 years of research and development experience. Intelligent mills with large capacity and low energy consumption are also the preferred equipment for large-scale mineral processing plants and environmentally friendly intelligent production.

The quicklime processed by the ultra fine grinding mill has relatively high fineness, and the general fineness is 300-3000 mesh. The fine ore powder within this fineness has extremely high activity, and the application range is significantly expanded. It can be used not only in the construction industry but also in coatings, plastics, rubber, and other industries.

Composition of limestone grinding mill

The complete structure of the limestone grinding mill is composed of a host, an analyzer (powder separator), a pipeline device, a blower, a finished cyclone separator, a jaw crusher, a hoist, an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, and an electronic control motor.

Working principle of limestone grinding mill

The qualified materials after being crushed during the operation of the limestone grinding mill are uniformly and quantitatively continuously fed into the main grinding chamber by the frequency conversion belt feeder for grinding.

The ground material is sent to the powder separator by the airflow of the fan for classification. Under the action of the analyzer, the material that does not meet the fineness requirements falls into the grinding chamber for re-grinding, and the qualified material enters the cyclone collector with the airflow through the pipe. Inside, it is separated and collected, and the finished powder is discharged through the discharging device.

The separated airflow enters the fan through the return duct at the upper end of the cyclone powder collector. The system runs under positive and negative pressure, and the equipment is equipped with a pulse dust collector, which is environmentally friendly.

Limestone grinding production line equipment

Limestone in nature is large and cannot directly enter the mill to work. Moreover, the milling industry generally follows the standard of “more breaks and less grinding”. If the particle size is larger, the efficiency of direct grinding is low. Generally, it needs to be coarsely crushed and finely crushed before grinding. The whole limestone crushing process can be roughly divided into 4 steps, namely crushing, grinding, powdering machine, and powder collecting. The equipment used in the whole production line is:

① Vibrating feeder: It is the basis to ensure continuous and uniform feeding. It is also the basis for the normal and high-yield operation of subsequent equipment.

② Jaw crusher: It is a commonly used equipment for coarse crushing. It has a large feed, high output, large crushing ratio, deep crushing cavity without dead zone, and stable operation.

jaw crusher

③ Impact crusher: Impact crusher is a piece of high-yield equipment for medium crushing of limestone. The particle size of the output can be adjusted, the system consumes less energy, and the finished product has a good particle shape.

impact crusher

④ Bucket elevator: The finely crushed limestone is lifted and sent to the limestone grinding mill, with strong lifting capacity, the low energy consumption of the motor, and long service life.

⑤ Limestone grinding mill: It is the main equipment of the production line, and it is also the equipment that determines the quality of the finished powder. The ultra fine grinding mill produced by SBM has strong abrasion resistance, low equipment loss, high pass-through rate, the fine particle size of the finished product, and the pass-through rate is as high as 99%. The equipment is not prone to failure and the production process is stable and reliable.

limestone grinding mill machine
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