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What kind of crusher is good for solid chemical waste?

10/02/2022 admin

Chemical waste is the leftover scraps of chemical raw materials in the process of production and utilization, or the waste that is polluted in the production process and cannot be reused. Solid chemical wastes include steel slag, carbide slag, waste lime, fly ash and waste incinerator ash, wasted building materials and certain tailings in the metal smelting process.

As the concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon life continues to be popular, the whole society is paying more and more attention to the environment. In the past, it was usually difficult to solve the problem of pollution discharge from chemical production, resulting in a huge discharge of chemical waste. Therefore, the recovery, treatment and reuse of chemical wastes are currently paid much attention. The following is a detailed introduction to the utilization value and crushing treatment equipment of solid chemical waste.

Utilization value of solid chemical waste

Production of cement and concrete admixtures. The chemical waste contains active minerals such as tricalcium silicate (C3S), dicalcium silicate (C2S) and iron aluminate with hydraulic cementitious properties, which are in line with the characteristics of cement. Therefore, it can be used as a raw material for the production of clinker-free cement, less clinker cement and cement admixture.

Instead of road construction gravel and fine aggregate. Chemical waste crushed stone has the advantages of high strength, rough surface, good wear resistance and durability, large volume, good stability, and strong combination with asphalt. Compared with ordinary crushed stone, it also has the characteristics of low temperature cracking resistance, so it can be widely used as backfill material for road works.

Solid chemical waste crusher equipment and output

1. Jaw crusher (coarse crushing)

The head of the high-hardness chemical waste such as steel slag and slag acts as a crushing equipment, with a large crushing ratio and stable operation. Feed particle size: 120-1500 mm, production capacity: 1-2200 t/h.

2. Impact crusher (medium and fine crushing)

It is mainly responsible for completing the medium and fine crushing of the materials processed by the jaw crusher, and can also separately process the waste lime, fly ash and other medium and low hardness chemical wastes. The German version of the impact crusher has particularly outstanding performance. Feed particle size: ≤800 mm, processing capacity: 30-800 t/h.

impact crusher

3. Hammer crusher (one-shot molding)

The incoming chemical waste can be crushed into the required particle size at one time, with high production capacity and uniform finished product particle size. The product model can be large or small. The ordinary hammer crusher belongs to the small output model, and the PCZ heavy hammer crusher belongs to the large output and high performance model. Feed particle size: ≤1000 mm, processing capacity: 5-3000 t/h.

hammer crusher

Which crusher is the best choice for solid chemical waste?

It is difficult to generalize which crusher to choose in the actual crushing operation of solid chemical waste, and it needs to be comprehensively analyzed in combination with the actual production needs and the performance of the crushing equipment.

When the hardness of chemical waste and the output of finished products are very high, it is more appropriate to choose a jaw crusher.

The hardness of chemical raw materials is moderate, and it is more appropriate to choose an impact crusher when the particle size and shape of the finished product are high.

From the perspective of simplifying the process, saving investment, and one-time molding, it is more appropriate to choose a hammer crusher

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