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Zeolite Grinding Mill

28/07/2021 admin

Zeolite grinding mill is a highly efficient grinding mill, it can grind zeolite into a fine powder(150-3000 mesh). There 2 main kinds of zeolite grinding mill: HGM series ultrafine grinding mill and CLUM series vertical roller mill. They both can grind non-metallic ores into fine powder.


What’s the zeolite?

Zeolite is the general name of zeolite group minerals, which is a kind of water-containing mineral. It is mainly produced in the fissures of volcanic rocks or in the amygdala, in symbiosis with calcite, chalcedony, and quartz. In addition, it is also produced in pyroclastic sedimentary rocks and hot spring deposits.

Zeolite has ion exchange properties, adsorption and separation properties, catalytic properties, stability, chemical reactivity, reversible dehydration properties, electrical conductivity, and the like. Therefore, it is widely used as an adsorbent, ion exchanger, and catalyst, and can also be used for gas drying, purification, and sewage treatment.

Zeolite crushing and grinding process

Zeolite raw ore → vibrating feeder → jaw crusher (preliminary crushing) → bucket elevator → raw material warehouse → impact crusher → bucket elevator → impact crusher (secondary crushing) → zeolite grinding mill → bucket elevator→ conveyor → clinker bin cooling and storage → finished products

Among them, the grinding process is particularly critical.

Types of Zeolite Grinding Mill

Zeolite Grinding Mill

HGM Ultrafine Grinding Mill

An industrial grinding mill with high efficiency.

It can grind solid materials into a fine powder, and the finesse of the product can be adjusted between 300-2500 meshes.

Small footprint
low energy consumption
simple operation
saving labor costs

zeolite vertical mill

CLUM Ultrafine Vertical Mill

The ultra-fine vertical ring roller mill is suitable for mass production, and the fineness of the finished powder can reach 3000 mesh.

It can grind ores into fine powder, such as marble, talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, bentonite and so on.

Especially suitable for fine powder production in high-end industries, such as the paper industry, etc.

What is zeolite powder used for?

Effect of zeolite powder
▪ Additives
▪ Improver
▪ Carrier

Zeolite powder is made by grinding natural zeolite rock, and the color is light green and white. It can remove 95% of the ammonia nitrogen in the water, purify the water quality and alleviate the phenomenon of water transfer.

Adding zeolite powder (150 mesh) to grass carp feed can increase the survival rate of grass carp. The addition of the zeolite powder group has an obvious growth-promoting effect and changes the body shape of grass carp to become high-quality carp.

Adding zeolite powder (200 mesh) to the water can remove the ammonia nitrogen in the water, purify the water quality, and increase the effect of dissolved oxygen. At the same time, the total alkalinity of the water body is improved, the water quality is stabilized, and the water transfer phenomenon is alleviated.

Zeolite has a rough surface and a porous structure, which gives it a strong carrying capacity. Not only can the material be uniformly adsorbed on its surface, but also can be absorbed into the pores and channels, which improves the availability of the material and greatly improves the uniformity of mixing.

Concrete admixture:
Zeolite powder contains a certain amount of active silicon dioxide and silicon trioxide, which can interact with the hydration product of cement, calcium hydroxide, to form a gelling substance.

The effect of zeolite powder on concrete:
1. Improve the workability of a concrete mixture.
2. Improve the strength of concrete.

Zeolite grinding mill uses in non-metallic ores field

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