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How to configure a 500-ton-per-hour gravel production line?

05/03/2024 admin

The gravel production line, also known as the stone production line, is a special production line equipment for producing construction sand and stone. It consists of crushing/sand making equipment, screening and conveying equipment, etc. It is suitable for nearly 200 kinds of ores, and can process 500 tons per hour. The input cost is neither very high nor the output is low, so it is very suitable for medium and large enterprises. How to configure the equipment of the gravel production line with an output of 500 tons per hour?

Due to the wide variety of mining machinery, it is not easy to build a suitable production line at one time. The following describes how to choose mining crushing equipment.

1. Generally, when configuring a stone production line, the type and hardness of the stone should be considered. For soft stone, jaw crusher + impact crusher can be used; for hard stone, jaw crusher + cone crusher can be used.

2. Also consider the performance of the crusher. The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio, extrusion crushing, and many discharging particles, so it is suitable for coarse crushing. Impact crusher and cone crusher are suitable for medium and fine crushing.

3. In addition to the above-mentioned fixed crushers, there are also mobile crushers. The mobile crushing station is a roughing equipment consisting of a jaw crusher and a vibrating feeder, and is equipped with a high-efficiency double-layer feeder. Double feeders can reduce the output of the jaw crusher and increase the overall output. Mobile crushing stations can also be equipped with impact crushers or cone crushers as needed.

In addition to the crusher, a complete stone production line with an output of 500 tons per hour also requires some auxiliary equipment such as: vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc. According to different user needs, dust removal equipment can also be equipped.

Detailed case explanation

Processing materials: suitable for soft materials, such as limestone, dolomite, coal gangue, etc.;
Feed particle size: ≤1020mm
Discharge specifications: 5-10-20-30mm (3 specifications)
Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor;

The jaw crusher is used as a coarse crusher for primary crushing of materials, and the material can reach 65-250mm. Then it is transported by the conveyor to the impact crusher for secondary crushing (fine crushing) to about 1-30mm. It is transported to the vibrating screen for screening according to needs, and the finished material is produced. The equipment configuration of this 500-ton-per-hour production line is suitable for crushing all soft rock materials.

The production line reduces operating costs. Through the combination of jaw crusher and impact crusher, more crushing and less grinding can be achieved, which can not only ensure the output, but also the finished product has good grain shape, uniform particle size, and less over-powder phenomenon. The overall benefit is good, so the payback period is shortened.

Processing materials: suitable for high hardness materials, such as granite, basalt, pebbles, etc.;
Feed particle size: ≤1020mm
Discharge specifications: 0-5-10-15-30mm (4 specifications)
Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen + conveyor;

Cone crusher is suitable for crushing medium-hard and high-hardness materials. Because the feed port affects the feed particle size of the cone crusher, it is about 30-60mm, so it needs to be coarsely broken by the jaw crusher first, and then crushed by the cone crusher.

Because the raw material is hard rock, the wear resistance of the crusher equipment is required to be high. Jaw crusher and cone crusher were chosen to avoid wear during use and solve the problem of high operating costs in the later period. In addition, the requirements for the quality and particle shape of finished products are also high, so a sand making machine was added to meet actual needs and improve production efficiency.

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