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What equipment is used to process 800 mesh dolomite powder?

12/03/2024 admin

Material characteristics of dolomite

Dolomite is a common non-metallic mineral with a Mohs hardness of 3-4 and is a medium-hard material. Its main components are calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. It has high whiteness and brightness and can be widely used in building materials, chemical industry, ceramics and other industries.

Application fields of 800 mesh dolomite powder

800 mesh dolomite powder is mainly used in the following fields:
Building materials: It can be used to make artificial gypsum boards, ceramic tiles, terrazzo and other building materials products.

Chemical industry: It can be used to make chemical products such as rubber, plastics, and coatings.

Ceramics: It can be used to make ceramic glazes, ceramic bodies and other ceramic products.

Selection of grinding mill equipment

According to the material characteristics of dolomite and the application fields of 800 mesh dolomite powder, I recommend you to use the following two grinding mill equipment:

Raymond mill: Raymond mill is a traditional grinding mill equipment with simple structure, convenient operation and high output. This equipment can grind dolomite to about 800 mesh and is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ultra-fine grinding mill: Ultra-fine grinding mill is a new type of grinding mill equipment with the characteristics of high grinding fineness, low energy consumption, and environmental protection. This equipment can grind dolomite to more than 800 mesh, and is suitable for enterprises with higher requirements for crushing fineness.

Consideration of other factors

In addition to the above factors, you also need to consider the following factors:

Investment budget: The price of Raymond mill is relatively low, while the price of ultra-fine mill is relatively high.

Production site: Raymond mill occupies a larger area, while ultra-fine mill occupies a relatively small area.
Environmental protection requirements: The dust emission of the ultra-fine grinding mill is low and can meet environmental protection requirements.

Specific equipment recommendations

Depending on your specific needs, I recommend the following equipment:

Raymond mill: If you are a small and medium-sized enterprise with limited investment budget and production space, you can choose a Raymond mill. I recommend you to use the CLRM series Raymond mill.This equipment has large output, high efficiency and stable operation, and can meet your production needs.

Ultra-fine grinding mill: If you have higher requirements for crushing fineness or need to meet environmental protection requirements, you can choose an ultra-fine grinding mill. I recommend you to use the HGM series ultra-fine mill. This equipment has high grinding fineness, low energy consumption, and is environmentally friendly, and can meet your production needs.

After-sales service

Our company can provide you with complete after-sales services, including equipment installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, etc.

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