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SBM micro powder technology leads the market, HGM ultrafine mill and YGM Raymond mill are selling well all over the country

23/02/2024 admin

February 22, 2024 – With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for powder processing in various industries continues to grow. As a leading domestic micro-powder technology company, SBM is always committed to providing customers with efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly grinding solutions. Recently, SBM’s HGM ultrafine grinding mill and YGM Raymond mill have been in hot sales, with orders spread all over the country, and are used in many fields such as calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, lime desulfurization, petroleum coke, foamed ceramics, etc.

HGM ultra-fine grinding mill adopts micro-powder technology and has the characteristics of high output, fine fineness, low energy consumption, and environmental protection. It can be widely used in non-metallic minerals, chemicals, building materials, medicine and other industries. This model has compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and is very popular among users.

YGM Raymond mill is a mature and reliable grinding mill with the characteristics of large output, uniform fineness and wide application range. It is suitable for grinding non-metallic minerals with medium hardness and below. This model is reasonably priced and cost-effective, making it the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

SBM not only has advanced micro-powder technology, but also has an experienced after-sales service team to provide customers with a full range of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. SBM’s equipment quality and services have been well received by users.

Shandong Customer-Grinder Calcium Oxide

SBM Company customized a set of HGM ultra-fine grinding mill production line for a customer in Shandong, which is used for ultra-fine grinding of calcium oxide. The production line has high output, less dust, and high quality finished products, and is well received by customers.

Jiangsu customer-calcium carbonate grinding

A customer in Jiangsu uses SBM’s YGM Raymond Mill for grinding calcium carbonate into fine powder. The mill operates stably and with high efficiency, effectively reducing the customer’s production costs.

Shanxi customer-used for lime desulfurization

A power plant in Shanxi uses SBM’s HGM ultra-fine mill for ultra-fine grinding of limestone and lime desulfurization. The mill has good crushing effect and low energy consumption, saving a lot of costs for the power plant.

Sichuan Customer-Petroleum Coke

A petroleum coke processing company in Sichuan uses SBM’s YGM Raymond mill for grinding petroleum coke into fine powder. The mill has strong applicability and wear resistance, which effectively improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Jiangxi customers-for foam ceramics

A ceramic company in Jiangxi uses SBM’s HGM ultra-fine grinding mill for ultra-fine grinding of foamed ceramic raw materials. The finished product of this mill has high fineness and good dispersion, which effectively improves the quality of foamed ceramics.

SBM’s grinding mills have been proven in the market for many years and have been recognized by users in terms of quality and service. SBM always adheres to the concept of quality as life, uses high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture each grinding mill with precision. At the same time, SBM has also established a complete after-sales service system to provide users with timely and thoughtful services to ensure that users have no worries.

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