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How to produce mullite powder?

07/03/2023 admin

Mullite Introduction

Mullite (Aluminum silicate) refers to a series of minerals composed of aluminum silicate, with a Mohs hardness of 6-7, and is a high-quality refractory raw material. This type of mineral is relatively rare, and the natural mullite crystals are elongated needle-shaped and radial clusters.

Mullite is a mineral formed by aluminosilicate at high temperature, and mullite will be formed when aluminosilicate is artificially heated. Mullite ore is often used to produce high temperature refractory materials.

Mullite powder is made from mullite raw material through high-temperature roasting, crushing (jaw crusher, hammer crusher, etc.), screening, grinding (Raymond mill, ultrafine grinding mill, etc.), iron removal and other machining processes. It has the characteristics of high aluminum content, low iron content, high hardness, small thermal expansion coefficient, high refractoriness, and stable thermochemical properties.

Common mullite product specifications include: 200 mesh mullite powder, 270 mesh mullite powder, and 325 mesh mullite powder.

Uses of mullite powder:

It is mainly used as modeling material for fusion film casting, gypsum filling V-method molding and vacuum suction casting, as well as refractory materials for large, medium and small steel castings, copper castings, furnace linings, and also for manufacturing water glass, refractory products, and concrete materials. wait. Widely used in machinery, aviation, weapons, metallurgy, petroleum, heat preservation, sintering, construction and other industries.

Properties of mullite powder:

White crystalline powder. Easy to absorb moisture but not deliquescent. Melting point is 2050°C, boiling point is 2980°C, relative density is 3.965, high hardness, electrical insulator, volume resistivity (1. 2×1013Q.cm) at 300°C. Almost insoluble in water and non-polar organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. It has little solubility in weak acid or weak base. Soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid, slowly soluble in lye to form hydroxide.

Safety of mullite powder:

Mullite powder is usually packed in plywood barrels lined with polyethylene plastic bags, with a net weight of 40kg per barrel. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent moisture.

Mullite Mill – YGM Raymond Mill

The main structure of mullite Raymond mill includes frame, grinding roller, grinding ring, analyzer, blade, cover, finished product cyclone separator, fine powder cyclone separator and air duct, etc. In addition to mullite, it can also process 1000+ kinds of non-metallic solid materials (dolomite, limestone, marble, etc.), and the fineness of the finished powder can reach 80-600 mesh.

YGM Series Raymond mill

YGM industrial Raymond mill

YGM Series Raymond mill production line

1. The overall structure design of the mullite Raymond mill is relatively reasonable, the adjustment of the analysis machine is relatively convenient, the adaptability is flexible, and the operation is easy.

2. The grinding pressure of the grinding roller on the mullite is relatively large, and the particle size of the ground mullite material is finer and more uniform.

3. There will be no dust explosion, vibration, shutdown and other faults during the operation, and the grinding process of mullite is safer and more reliable.

4. Parts have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, are more durable, and have a longer replacement cycle.

5. The price of mullite Raymond mill is relatively low, with less investment and large income.

Mullite Mill-HGM Ultrafine Grinding Mill

HGM ultrafine grinding mill can be used for ultrafine powder processing of non-flammable and brittle materials with medium and low hardness. The particle size of the finished fine powder can be adjusted arbitrarily between 325-2500 mesh (47-5 microns), and the output can reach 0.2-45t/h.

HGM series Ultra Fine Powder Mill

HGM ultrafine grinding mill

HGM ultrafine grinding mill production line

1. High efficiency and energy saving
In the case of the same finished product fineness and motor power, the output is more than 1 times higher than that of jet mill, stirring mill and ball mill.

2. Long service life of wearing parts
Grinding rollers and grinding rings are forged from special materials, which greatly improves the degree of utilization. In the case of the same fineness of materials and finished products, the service life of wear parts is 2-5 times longer than that of impact crushers and turbo pulverizers.

3. High safety and reliability
Because there are no rolling bearings and no screws in the grinding chamber, there is no problem that the bearings and their seals are easily damaged, and there is no problem that the screws are easy to loose and damage the machine.

4. High product fineness
The product fineness can reach D97≤5um at one time.

5. Environmentally friendly and clean
The pulse dust collector is used to capture dust, and the muffler is used to reduce noise, which has the characteristics of environmental protection and cleanliness.

Market prospect of mullite powder

Mullite powder is a natural mineral powder, which is mainly made of mullite ore after processing and grinding. It has the characteristics of adsorption, stability, high temperature resistance, chemical inertness, etc., and is widely used in construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, environmental protection and other fields.

From the perspective of market demand, the market prospect of mullite powder is good. With the improvement of environmental protection awareness and the increasing demand for high-performance building materials, mullite powder is more and more widely used in building materials, such as concrete, cement, wall materials, floor materials, etc. In addition, mullite powder is also used in chemical fields such as paint, rubber, and plastics, which can increase durability and reduce costs.

In addition, global economic growth and population growth will also bring about a boost to the mullite powder market. It is predicted that in the next few years, the mullite powder market will continue to maintain rapid growth. At the same time, with the continuous development and application of new technologies, the application prospects of mullite powder in more fields will also be broader.

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