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Roll Crusher

Output Size: 2-150 mm

Feed size: 36-1000 mm

Capacity: 3-250 m³/h

Application: fine crush the medium hardness rock with compressive strength ≤160MPa, such as ore, rock, coke, coal, clinker...

The heavy-duty roll crusher is a type of industrial machine used to crush large, hard materials into smaller pieces. These machines are typically used in industries such as mining, metallurgy, cement, recycling, and power generation for processing materials like ore, coal, limestone, and other aggregates.

Heavy-duty roll crusher is also named roller crusher or tooth roller crusher. The most commonly used one is the crusher with two rollers, it is called double roller crusher or twin roller crusher.

Roll Crusher Components:

Roll crusher is mainly composed of the roller, the roller support bearings, the compaction and adjusting device, and driving unit, and other parts.

Roll Crusher Working Principle:

The roller crusher operates by squeezing materials at low rotating speed and high pressure. Materials fall vertically into the crushing chamber from the top of the crusher and are crushed between two rollers. Due to gravity, the crushed materials are discharged through the gap between the rollers. The discharging size can be adjusted using either a wedge or gasket adjustment device.

In the wedge adjustment device, an adjusting bolt at the top pulls the wedge upward to push the movable roller away from the fixed roller, increasing the gap and the discharging size. Lowering the wedge reduces the gap and the discharging size. The gasket adjustment device works by adding or removing gaskets. Adding gaskets increases the gap between the rollers, resulting in larger discharging granularity, while removing gaskets decreases the gap and the discharging granularity. These adjustment mechanisms ensure precise control over the size of the discharged materials.


Mining: Crushing of ores to extract valuable minerals.

Cement Industry: Crushing limestone and other materials to produce cement.

Power Generation: Reducing coal to a size suitable for burning in power plants.

Recycling: Crushing materials like concrete and asphalt for reuse.


High Capacity: Capable of processing large volumes of material.

Durability: Built to handle tough materials and harsh working conditions.

Adjustability: Gap settings can be adjusted for different material sizes.

Efficiency: Often designed to minimize fines and produce a uniform particle size.

Double Roller Crusher

double roller crusher
Double Roller Crusher

A double roller crusher, also known as a double roll crusher or twin-roll crusher, is a type of crusher that features two parallel rollers mounted horizontally in a frame. These rollers rotate in opposite directions, crushing material between them. Double roller crushers are commonly used in the processing of various materials, including coal, limestone, clay, shale, and more.


  • Dual Rollers:

Two parallel rollers that rotate in opposite directions.

Each roller typically has a series of teeth or ridges that grip and crush the material.

  • Adjustable Gap:

The distance between the rollers can often be adjusted to control the size of the crushed material.

  • Feed Mechanism:

Material is fed into the gap between the rollers by gravity or by a conveyor belt.

The rollers pull the material into the crushing zone where it is compressed and sheared.

  • Drive System:

Typically powered by electric motors, although hydraulic drives are also used in some applications.


  • High Efficiency:

Double rollers crush material more efficiently compared to single rollers, as the material is crushed twice during each rotation.

  • Uniform Particle Size:

The adjustable gap allows for precise control over the size of the crushed material, resulting in a uniform particle size distribution.

  • Versatility:

Suitable for a wide range of materials, including coal, limestone, clay, and more.

Can handle both primary and secondary crushing duties.

  • Compact Design:

Occupies less space compared to other types of crushers, making it suitable for installations with space constraints.



    Coal Processing

    Double roller crushers are commonly used in coal preparation plants to crush coal to a desired size for combustion.


    Limestone and Clay Crushing

    Used in cement plants and quarries to crush limestone, clay, shale, and other raw materials for cement production.

    Stone crushing production line

    Minerals Processing

    Used in various mineral processing applications to crush ores and minerals to a suitable size for further processing.



    Can be used to crush recycled materials such as concrete, asphalt, and bricks for reuse in construction projects.


    TypeModelInput Size(mm)Output Size(mm)Capacity(m³/h)Power(kw)Dimenstion(mm)Weight(kg)
    Double Roll Crusher2PGQ 610*400< 362-93-9221785*2365*14153800
    2PGQ 750*500< 402-105-1218.5*22720*2700*140010800
    2PGQ 750*700< 402-106-1622*22800*3987*170512200
    2PGQ 900*500< 402-109-3022*22750*1790*206515000
    2PGQ 900*900< 402-1011-45~ 37*22750*2180*206516800
    2PGQ 900*1200< 403-1015-60~ 55*22750*2480*206520800
    2PGY 1200*1000< 403-1210-5055*23690*3430*270046820
    2PGY 1200*1200< 403-1218-68~ 75*23690*3630*270048600
    Four Roll Crusher4PG750*50030-602-103-1018.5+11/172760*3585*265019200
    Double-geared Roller Crusher2PGC450*500100-20025-10012-32<112260*2206*7663100

    Other Crushers

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    Product Specifications

    Type Model Input Size(mm) Output Size(mm) Capacity(m³/h) Power(kw) Dimenstion(mm) Weight(kg)
    Double Roll Crusher 2PGQ 610*400 < 36 2-9 3-9 22 1785*2365*1415 3800
    2PGQ 750*500 < 40 2-10 5-12 18.5*2 2720*2700*1400 10800
    2PGQ 750*700 < 40 2-10 6-16 22*2 2800*3987*1705 12200
    2PGQ 900*500 < 40 2-10 9-30 22*2 2750*1790*2065 15000
    2PGQ 900*900 < 40 2-10 11-45 ~ 37*2 2750*2180*2065 16800
    2PGQ 900*1200 < 40 3-10 15-60 ~ 55*2 2750*2480*2065 20800
    2PGY 1200*1000 < 40 3-12 10-50 55*2 3690*3430*2700 46820
    2PGY 1200*1200 < 40 3-12 18-68 ~ 75*2 3690*3630*2700 48600
    Four Roll Crusher 4PG750*500 30-60 2-10 3-10 18.5+11/17 2760*3585*2650 19200
    4PG900*700 40-100 2-10 16-20 30+12/24 3150*4175*3147 28700
    4PG900*900 40-100 2-10 20-25 45×2 3150*2650*3147 31386
    4PGY1200*1000 20-40 3-10 43-68 75+40/55 5410*5600*3600 67000
    Double-geared Roller Crusher 2PGC450*500 100-200 25-100 12-32 <11 2260*2206*766 3100
    2PGC600*750 300-600 50-125 50-75 <22 3265*2850*1310 7400
    2PGC900*900 <800 75-150 60-110 <30 3945*3405*1895 13670
    2PGC920*1200 <800 40-100 90-150 <75 3848*3480*1394 16730
    2PGC1200*1500 <1000 -100 150-250 2*55 8010*4050*2050 52000

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