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What grinding equipment is needed for petroleum coke processing?

29/03/2022 admin

Introduction to petroleum coke grinding technology

Petroleum coke is the product of light and heavy oil separated from crude oil by distillation, and then transformed into heavy oil through thermal cracking process. It is the “waste” at the end of the petroleum refining process.

From the appearance, coke is black block (or particle) with irregular shape and different sizes, with metallic luster. The particles of coke have porous structure, and the main element composition is carbon.

According to different forms, it can be divided into needle coke, pellet coke or spherical coke, sponge coke and powder coke.

With the recovery of steel and electrolytic aluminum industries, the demand for carbon products made of petroleum coke increases, and the market profit is very considerable.

Petroleum coke processing process

① Grinding stage

The calcined petroleum coke (or after one-time crushing) is continuously and evenly sent to the main machine grinding room for grinding through the skirt belt feeder. The ground fine powder is sent to the classifier for classification under the action of fan air flow, and the fine powder with qualified fineness enters the collection stage through the air outlet pipe.

② Collection phase

The dust gas from the mill enters the cyclone collector through the air outlet pipe of the main engine. Under the action of centrifugal force, most of the finished fine powder is separated and collected by cloth bags. The finished fine powder is transported to the finished product conveying stage through the screw conveyor.

③ Conveying stage

The finished ore powder collected by the dust collector and cyclone collector is sent to the next process by the screw conveyor.

④ Finished product stage

The ground petroleum coke powder is calculated, weighed and focused with the aggregate and binder of particle size respectively according to the formula requirements, and then kneaded to make the raw materials mixed evenly and finally plastic formed.

Technical index of petroleum coke processing

Raw coke is used in glass factories, ceramic factories, etc

Processing fineness: 180 mesh, D90

Applicable material: raw coke

Low sulfur and high-quality cooked coke is used to make graphite electrode

Processing fineness: 200 mesh, above d70

Applicable materials: low sulfur, high-quality cooked coke

Cooked coke with low sulfur and high quality, such as needle coke, is mainly used to manufacture ultra-high power graphite electrode and some special carbon products; In steelmaking industry, needle coke is an important material for developing new technology of electric furnace steelmaking.

Petroleum coke processing and pulverizing equipment

According to the feed fineness and moisture content of petroleum coke and the fineness and purpose of finished products, we can help you reasonably select the grinding and powder selection process, and determine the type, model and quantity of pulverizer according to the production capacity and other requirements.

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