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Application of Ring Roller Mill in Desulfurization Production Line of Power Plant

14/03/2022 admin

The limestone/lime-gypsum method is the method with the most mature technology, the most applications and the most stable operation, and its desulfurization efficiency is above 95%. For desulfurization in power plants, limestone can be processed by Raymond mill or ring roller mill to obtain lime powder with a fineness of 325 meshes for use in desulfurization production lines.

Introduction to desulfurization technology in power plants

The limestone/gypsum wet desulfurization process is a process for desulfurization of flue gas. It has the characteristics of mature technology, less investment, sufficient desulfurization efficiency and high efficiency, and is suitable for large-capacity units. The limestone used to prepare the desulfurizer has a wide range of sources and low cost, so the entire system also has the advantage of low operating costs and is the most widely used desulfurization process in the world.

SBM is committed to providing integrated solutions and product customization services for thermal power plants and thermal power plant cooperative enterprises. At present, SBM micropowder technology has designed and established a number of advanced wet desulfurization process production lines in large power plants in China.

Power plant desulfurization process

① Crushing stage
After the limestone with high calcium content is crushed, the size reaches the feeding requirements of the mill.

② Grinding stage
The suitable raw materials are continuously and uniformly fed into the grinding chamber of the main machine through the feeder for grinding. The pulverized fine powder is sent to the classifier for classification under the action of the air flow of the fan. The fine powder with qualified fineness passes through the air outlet pipe and enters the collection stage.

③ Collection phase
The qualified powder entering the cyclone collector is separated and collected under the action of centrifugal force, and is transported to the finished product conveying stage together by the screw conveyor. At the same time, the exhaust gas is turned into clean gas and discharged through the pulse dust collector.

④ Delivery stage
The finished ore powder is sent to the bucket elevator by the screw conveyor, and then enters the finished product material tank of the slender deep warehouse. After the dust gas in the tank is collected by the tank top dust collector, the finished product is stored in the finished product tank, and the clean gas is discharged.

⑤ Desulfurization stage
The finished stone powder is sent to the absorption tower after pulping. The slurry in the absorption tower is sent to the spraying device by the circulating pump for spraying. It reacts chemically with SO2 entering the absorption tower to achieve the purpose of desulfurization.

Power plant desulfurization technical indicators

250 meshes D90
325 meshes D90

In order to ensure the comprehensive utilization of desulfurization gypsum and reduce waste water discharge, the content of CaCO3 in the limestone used for desulfurization should be higher than 90%.

For boilers burning medium and low sulfur content fuel coal, the fineness of limestone powder should ensure 250 mesh and 90% sieving rate.

When burning medium and high sulfur content coal, the fineness of limestone powder should ensure 325 meshes and 90% sieving rate.

Quick lime can also be used as absorbent, and the purity of quick lime should be higher than 85%.

Power plant desulfurization pulverizing equipment

According to factors such as the feed fineness, moisture content, finished product fineness and use of the raw materials for desulfurization in the power plant, SBM micropowder technology can help you choose a reasonable grinding and powder selection process. And determine the type, model and quantity of pulverizers according to production capacity and other requirements.

high pressure mill

High pressure roller mill

50-500 meshes
1-30 t/h

ultrafine grinding mill

HGM ultrafine ring roller mill

150-2500 meshes
0.2-45 t/h

vertical mill

CLUM vertical roller mill

150-3000 meshes
1-20 t/h

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