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Which is better, cone crusher or impact crusher for broken granite?

25/08/2022 admin

Cone crusher and impact crusher are both secondary fine crushing equipment, and both can be used for granite crushing, but which one is more suitable? Let’s start with the difference between cone crusher and impact crusher. The details are as follows:

The difference between cone crusher and impact crusher

1. The working principle is different:

Laminate crushing principle for cone crusher

During operation, the particles and the lining plate, the particles and the particles are kneaded with each other, so that the flat and elongated particles are broken along their weak points. The material to be crushed is crushed many times in the crushing cavity. The finished product has finer particles, less needle-like content and good particle shape, which can meet the special particle shape requirements of hydropower, urban construction, highway, railway and other industries.

cone crusher

The impact crusher uses the principle of impact crushing

During operation, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed. When the material enters the blow hammer effect area, it collides with the blow hammer on the rotor and is broken, and then is thrown to the counterattack equipment to be broken again. Then it bounces from the impact liner back to the blow hammer effect area to break it from scratch. Repeat this process until the material is crushed to the desired particle size.

impact crusher

2. Different particle types:

The impact crusher not only crushes the material, but also has a certain function of shaping the discharged particles. The processed sand and gravel material particles are cubic, uniform in size, free of tension and cracks, low in needle flake content, reasonable in gradation, and beautiful in particle shape.

In contrast, although the crushing effect of the cone crusher is good, it is slightly inferior to the impact crusher in the shaping of the discharged particles.

3. Different wear resistance:

The impact crusher has many vulnerable parts, such as hammer head, impact plate and other parts need to be replaced frequently, so the equipment wear and depreciation is faster, and the later operation and maintenance costs are higher.

The wearing parts of the cone crusher have a relatively long life, and there is no need to replace the parts frequently, so the loss and depreciation of the equipment are slow, and the later operation and maintenance costs are low.

4. Different production capacity:

The impact crusher adopts a solid heavy-duty rotor structure, which improves the handling capacity and crushing ratio of materials, thereby increasing its crushing capacity. In general, the production capacity of impact crusher is between 90-1550t/h.

The cone crusher combines high crushing cavity type with high crushing frequency, which effectively improves its processing capacity of materials. In general, the capacity of cone crusher is between 55-2181t/h.

Which is better, cone crusher or counterattack crusher for broken granite?

Considering that the granite is hard, dense and high in strength, it is recommended to use a cone crusher here!

The cone crusher is not only solid and durable, but also has many options and a large output span, which can meet the production needs of large, medium and small types of sand and gravel plants and stone plants. If you really have strict requirements on the finished grain shape, you can add an impact sand shaping machine after the cone crusher.

Different materials, different production requirements, and different equipment used! SBM focuses on the field of mining machinery production, with rich experience and mature technology. We have professional technicians who can design a crushing production line for you according to your actual production needs. You are welcome to contact us anytime!

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