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How is pulverized coal processed?

24/02/2022 admin

Introduction to pulverized coal grinding technology

Coal is an important energy source in my country and is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, electric power, heating, heating, boilers and other industries to make clean pulverized coal, activated carbon, humic acid, etc. The clean and efficient utilization of coal has been officially included in the “13th Five-Year Plan”, and the future of coal deep processing has broad prospects.


Coal pulverizing process

Grinding stage

Before pulverized coal grinding, the wet coal needs to be dried first, and then sent to the grinding chamber of the main engine continuously and evenly for grinding. The pulverized fine powder is classified by the classifier under the action of the air flow of the fan, and the fine powder of qualified fineness enters the collection stage through the air outlet duct.

Collection phase

The pulverized fine powder rises under the action of the air flow of the fan and is sent to the classifier for classification. The fine powder that reaches the qualified fineness enters the explosion-proof pulse dust collector through the air outlet pipe, and is separated by the inertial force and directly falls into the ash. bottom of bucket.

The remaining dust-containing gas enters the filter area of ​​the bag. With the extension of the filter time, dust will accumulate on the surface of the cloth bag. The solenoid valve will quickly rush the compressed air into the bag to shake off the dust on the surface of the filter bag, and all the dust will fall into the ash hopper, centralized collection and discharge.

Delivery stage

The finished pulverized coal collected by the explosion-proof dust collector is sent to the plate chain elevator by the screw conveyor, and then enters the finished product tank. After the dust gas in the tank is collected by the tank top dust collector, the finished product is stored in the finished product tank, and the clean gas is discharged.

Finished product stage

The pulverized coal obtained after powdering can be directly sent to the customer’s site for use without additional downstream processing procedures.

Technical index of pulverized coal grinding

Production of clean pulverized coal for boiler combustion heating and power supply

Fineness: 200 mesh, D80-90, according to the needs of back-end combustion

Suitable coal types: bituminous coal, anthracite, blue carbon, etc.

The production of clean pulverized coal is used for boiler combustion heating and power supply to improve the operating efficiency of small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers to 80%, while reducing harmful gas and dust emissions, achieving national energy conservation and emission reduction standards, and at the same time increasing corporate benefits.

Production of humic acid fertilizers for agricultural use

Fineness: 100 mesh

Suitable coal types: lignite, weathered coal, peat, etc.

Humic acid fertilizer has the advantages of soil improvement, improving crop production, and avoiding soil compaction. It is a “green and environmentally friendly” high-tech fertilizer that realizes the efficient use of coal. In recent years, humic acid series products are increasing day by day, such as sodium humate, potassium humate, etc. are exported to foreign countries, creating huge value for enterprises.

Production of coal-based activated carbon for chemical industry

Fineness: 200-325 mesh, according to the process requirements

Suitable for coal: bituminous coal, anthracite, etc.

Coal-based activated carbon has the characteristics of reasonable pore structure, good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easy repeated regeneration, and low cost, which can fully reduce the purification cost. Therefore, it is widely used in the deep purification of drinking water, industrial water and wastewater. Favored by the market, it is an effective way for deep processing and utilization of coal to increase the added value.

Pulverized coal processing and milling equipment

According to the fineness of coal feed, moisture content, finished product fineness, usage and other factors, SBM micropowder technology can help customers to reasonably choose the grinding and powder selection process, and determine the type, model and quantity of pulverizers according to production capacity and other requirements.

HGM ultrafine grinding mill

150-2500 mesh

CLUM ultrafine vertical mill

200-3000 mesh

High-pressure grinding mill

80-600 mesh

Integrated solutions for pulverized coal processing projects

As a leader in the industrial milling business, SBM micropowder technology can not only provide excellent pulverized coal processing equipment, but also provide technical service support. Complete pulverized coal processing project guidance. Integrated solutions for pulverized coal processing projects help you invest more worry-free and operate more securely.

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