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How to do a good job of grinding in the lime industry?

28/02/2022 admin

Introduction of grinding technology in lime industry

Quicklime, whose main component is calcium oxide, is usually prepared by calcining natural rock whose main component is calcium carbonate at high temperature to decompose into carbon dioxide and calcium oxide (chemical formula: CaO, namely quicklime, also known as marble).

Any natural rock with calcium carbonate as the main component, such as limestone, chalk, dolomitic limestone, etc., can be used to produce lime.

Quicklime sewage treatment has become a major issue related to the harmonious development of the economy and society. The application of quicklime in the fields of metallurgy, steel, building materials, and chemical industry plays a very important role, so it has become an inevitable choice for many outstanding limestone mine customers.


The grinding process of lime industry

Grinding stage

The calcined lime raw material is directly (or once crushed) continuously and uniformly sent to the main machine grinding chamber through the feeder after being cooled in transit, and the ground fine powder is classified by the classifier under the action of the air flow of the fan and then sent to the main machine. The inlet and outlet ducts enter the collection stage.

Collection phase

The dust gas from the mill enters the cyclone collector through the main air outlet pipe, and most of the fine powder of the finished product is separated under the action of centrifugal force. At the same time, the excess gas is sent to the pulse dust collector, and it becomes clean gas through the pulse dust collector. The finished fine powder collected by the cloth bag is transported to the finished product conveying stage together by the screw conveyor.

Delivery stage

The finished mineral powder collected by the dust collector and the cyclone collector is sent to the bucket elevator by the screw conveyor, and then enters the finished product material tank. After the dust gas in the tank is collected by the tank top dust collector, the finished product is stored in the finished product tank, and the clean gas is discharged.

Finished product stage

The lime powder obtained after powdering can be directly sent to the customer’s site for use without additional downstream processing steps.

Technical indicators of grinding powder in lime industry

For sewage treatment

Processing fineness: 200 mesh
With the continuous advancement of industrialization and urbanization in my country, the discharge of quicklime industrial wastewater and urban sewage has increased year by year. Quicklime sewage treatment is widely used in papermaking, brewing, chemical industry, printing and dyeing industries to improve the reuse rate of industrial water and promote the recycling of wastewater.

For desulfurization in metallurgical steel industry

metallurgical steel industry

Processing fineness: 200 mesh
To protect green water and blue sky, and environmental protection policies are becoming more and more stringent, quicklime is used in key industries such as iron and steel, electric power, chemical industry, and coal to treat sulfur dioxide generated during coal combustion.

Used in the field of building materials, making aerated bricks, etc.

building materials

Processing fineness: 180 mesh
Lime is also used in large quantities as building materials, and is also an important raw material for many industries. Quicklime can be used to make calcium hydroxide and cement accelerators. Quicklime is used to make new environmentally friendly aerated bricks. Because of its light weight, heat insulation, waterproof and other functions, it has played a very important role in the development o

Lime industry pulverizing equipment

According to the feed fineness, moisture content, finished product fineness, usage and other factors of lime, SBM micropowder technology can help customers to reasonably choose the grinding and powder selection process, and determine the type, model and quantity of the pulverizer according to production capacity and other requirements.

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