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Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Discharge fineness: 150-3000 mesh

Feed size: <20 mm

Output: 0.5-45 t/h

Product features: safe and stable, high efficiency and energy saving, simple operation, wide application range, long service life than ordinary mills, environmental protection and pollution-free

Carbon black is a light, loose and fine black powder that contains carbon substances. It can be used as a black dye to make ink, paint, rubber material, etc.

Carbon black ultrafine grinding mill is also called (three-ring four-ring) medium-speed ring roller micro-grinding machine. It adopts a graded continuous grinding method to grind the material multiple times at the same time to truly realize ultra-fine grinding.

Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Model: HGM80, HGM90, HGM100, HGM125, HGM1680

Adjustable fineness: 150-3000 mesh

Output: 0.5-45 t/h

Material: Non-flammable, non-explosive, brittle material with Mohs hardness ≤6. It is mainly used for high-fine powder processing of non-metallic ores such as calcite, kaolin, dolomite, barite, limestone, and marble.

Features: safe and stable, high efficiency and energy saving, simple operation, wide application range, long service life than ordinary mills, environmental protection and pollution-free

Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill Production Line

Composition of ultrafine mill production line

The ultrafine mill production line usually includes hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, micro-powder mill host, frequency conversion classifier, double cyclone powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high-pressure fan, air compressor , electrical control system and other components.

Large pieces of material are crushed by a hammer crusher into the feed size (about 1cm) suitable for the work of the ultrafine mill. Then by adjusting the rotating speed of the grinder analyzer, the fineness suitable for the production requirements can be achieved. After manual packaging into bags, it can also be equipped with automatic micro-powder packing machine and choose different models of milling machines according to needs.

ultrafine grinding mill

Ultrafine mill production line process


After entering the jaw crusher, large pieces of material are subjected to primary crushing, and then the bucket elevator will uniformly send the materials of suitable particle size to the storage bin.


The material in the storage bin is uniformly, quantitatively, and continuously sent to the grinding chamber of the Raymond mill for grinding through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder.


The ground powder is blown to the separator for sorting under the action of a blower, and the qualified fine powder is sent to the storage bin by the pipeline, and the unqualified powder after sorting falls back and continues to be ground, and finally output through the discharge valve It is the finished powder.


After screening, qualified finished talc powder enters the dust collector for separation and collection with the pipeline device, and is packaged by a powder tanker or sent to the finished product silo.

Pros of Ultrafine Grinding Mill Production Line

● The mill powder production line has a high output and a wide range of finished product sizes. Under the same fineness, it has less investment than jet mills

● All equipment wearing parts in the milling production line is made of high-quality domestic and foreign wear-resistant materials, which are not prone to failure and can reduce production costs

● The design of the production line is reasonable, and the entire production process has good sealing performance, less dust spillage, low working noise, good energy-saving, and environmental protection effects, and the whole process conforms to national standards

● The finished product has excellent grain shape, fine powder quality, 99% sieving rate, low impurity content, and high value of the finished product

● The milling process adopts highly automated equipment, reduces manual operation links, saves cost input, and maximizes profit margins

Parameters of Carbon Black Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Parameters of HGM series ultrafine mill
Model HGM80 HGM80A HGM90L HGM100L-Ⅱ HGM100P HGM125L HGM1680L
Ring Diameter(mm) 800 800 900 1000 1000 1250 1680
Ring Number (PCS) 3 3 4 4 4 4 4
Input Size (mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤15 ≤15 ≤20 ≤20
Adjustable range of finished product (mesh) 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000
Capacity (t/h) 0.5-5.5 0.5-5.5 0.8-6.5 1.2-10 1.2-11 2.5-20 5-45
Outlet Size L*W*H (mm) 8605*4139*6050 10454*3393*6626 11735*3952*7525 14507*3633*7562 14362*4200*7562 19261*4406*8591 25067*5414*9007
Main motor power (kw) 75 75 55*2 132/75*2 132/75*2 185 315

Why Choose SBM Ultrafine Grinding Mill?

◆ Our company’s ultrafine mill equipment keeps improving and strictly controls the product quality.

◆ The company’s superfine powder mill equipment products have passed ISO9001, EU CE certification, French BV certification, Geneva SGS certification, etc., and the products comply with international standards.

◆ The production line can flexibly adjust the output ratio of each finished material according to the market situation. The finished materials are of high quality, which can not only meet customers’ high standards for calcium carbonate but also bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

◆ Good after-sales service, able to provide fast installation and maintenance services for global users.

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