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YGM high pressure Raymond mill shipped to Bhutan

25/12/2023 admin

A month ago, the customer arrived at our official website by searching product keywords, got in touch with us, and communicated with us about purchasing coal grinding equipment. In response to customer needs, we recommend YGM series high-pressure Raymond mill to customers. This pulverizer can process pulverized coal to 600 mesh. It is an upgraded version of the Raymond mill and can also replace the ball mill for efficient pulverization.

YGM series high-pressure Raymond mill adopts closed-circuit circulation high-fine milling, which improves output and production efficiency to a certain extent. YGM high-pressure grinding mill can grind more than 280 kinds of high-fine materials in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6%. It is widely used in medium, fine and fine crushing operations in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramics.

The maximum feeding particle size of the YGM high-pressure mill is 35mm, and the coarsest particle size diameter of the discharged material is only 20 meshes. The general particle size diameter is 425 meshes, and the finest particle size can reach 1000 meshes. The maximum production capacity is 20 tons per hour.

Why recommend YGM high-pressure Raymond mill to customers?

Wide range of finished product particle sizes
The coarsest particle size of the finished product is 0.95mm (20 mesh), the fine powder particle size is generally 0.033mm (425 mesh), and the smallest is 0.013mm (1000 mesh).

Good environmental effect
The grinding roller device adopts overlapping multi-stage sealing, which has good sealing performance and the dust removal effect fully complies with the national dust emission standards.

High year-on-year output
Compared with other mills, the output is increased by 20-30% under the same power conditions. The grinding force of the YGM high-pressure mill roller on the material is increased by 800–1200kg under the action of high-pressure spring.

Unique structural design
The high-pressure spring pressurizing device increases the grinding pressure of the grinding roller by 800-1200kg and increases the output by 20-30%.

Shipping site

YGM high pressure grinding production line

When facing some large-scale materials, YGM high-pressure grinding mill is usually the third or fourth process in the production line. It must be processed by jaw crusher, impact crusher and VSI sand making machine. If the material obtained is smaller than the maximum specified feed particle size of the YGM high-pressure mill, it can enter the mill for grinding production. Some small materials do not need these. As long as the particle size of the materials is less than 35mm, they can be ground in the YGM mill.

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